Oct 30, 2023 2:45:50 PM

Introducing: Extended Access


A market leading innovation

UBX is incredibly excited to launch a boutique fitness industry first, with its newest innovation to the model: Extended Access.

With the global economic movement towards the ‘Convenience Economy’, where consumers expect and have become accustomed to the convenience of ‘on-demand’ goods and services, UBX is staying at the forefront and delivering the most convenient boutique fitness offering on the market.

With the launch of Extended Access, UBX members have an unparralled opportunity to ‘consume’ UBX workouts, and the level of convenience that is now available has never been seen before. This innovation brings UBX to the forefront of consumer demand in the boutique fitness industry. 

It’s our mission to deliver the world’s most convenient workout, as one of the biggest reasons our members train with us is because we provide flexibility in our delivery model, allowing members to fit their workouts in around their busy lifestyles.

To further extend our flexible offering, from a no-class time delivery model and an on-demand workout App, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to introduce the technology in our gyms to be able to provide members with access to the gym, and our world class workouts outside of staffed hours, via the release of Extended Access.



What is Extended Access?

'Extended Access' redefines the traditional boutique gym experience. It grants members the freedom to enter the gym before or after staffed hours and even on days when it's typically closed. With or without coaches present, our user-friendly coaching screens are available to guide members through their workouts. All the equipment they need will be pre-set and ready to use.

Once a UBX gym and member is enabled with Extended Access, usage is simple. Members simply use their key tag on the new card reader on the front door of the gym when they turn up. Once they enter the gym, the screens, music and timer will start. Members then follow the screens and timer as normal to complete their workout. Once they are done and leave, the system will shut down behind them. 




This revolutionary feature is an essential part of our gym's membership strategy, aimed at boosting flexibility and accessibility for members. It's not just a convenience; it's a strategic move to expand UBX’s appeal and promote membership growth.

'Extended Access' broadens the horizons for our members, offering multiple ways to access workouts that align with their schedules and lifestyle preferences. This value expansion is achieved through three key methods that together form a comprehensive "Value Ecosystem".


The Value Ecosystem

Coach-Guided: This is the original and core service that allows members to train with our coaches and experience the full benefits of our unique training style. Coaches ensure the correct form and technique, maximises the effectiveness of workouts, minimises the risk of injuries and build relationships.

Extended Access: For members who need to start early or finish late or want to get an additional workout outside of staffed hours, in-gym screen-guided training via Extended Access offers an effective solution. Through digital screens, members can follow along with the same workouts that are featured in the coach-guided training hours, enabling them greater access to maintain their fitness routine while still having a structured guide.

On-demand workouts: The most flexible of the three options, app-guided workouts can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with a range of durations, providing members with the freedom to work out at their convenience. This option leverages a comprehensive app to allow members to maintain their fitness routine even outside the gym’s walls, which can be especially useful for members who travel frequently, have irregular schedules, or need to fit a workout in at home.

Why did we make this investment?

We have always built UBX to be a disruptive product. We initially made sure that we met the market on what they are selling, and in the boutique landscape this is: group fitness, functional strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Once we had those elements locked down to be as good as, if not better than our competition, we looked at where we could differentiate further. This is where convenience and flexibility came in.

We understood that with the growing movement towards the convenience economy, we wanted to position ourselves as the fitness provider that offered members what they wanted, when they wanted it.

We flipped the traditional group fitness delivery method on its head, and rather than dictate to the customer on when they can train like the ‘time tabled’ group fitness products, we went for convenience.

Using our ‘no-class Timetable’ method, where a member can start every 3 minutes, we offer what our competitors don’t, which is the opportunity for the consumer to use our service when it suits them, not the other way around.

We now have an offering that was to allow members to get access to our world class workouts, whenever they want. This level of access has been never been provided before, and it is a game changer for our members and our Franchisees.

How does it benefit the franchisees?

Extended Access is providing exciting revenue growth for UBX franchise owners by driving improvements in yield, conversions, demand and most significantly retention. 

Through Extended Access, we have developed a way to increase the utilisation of our facilities, smooth out peak times and increase member capacity. Together, these changes raise the average unit volume (AUV) potential of our model.

 UBX co-founder, Tim West says of this latest innovation: "most boutique gyms open for a morning and afternoon shift during the week and a Saturday morning shift on the weekend, meaning they're actually shut more than they're open.”

“We knew members would train more regularly if they had more access to the gym, so we created a system that can deliver a highly engaging and effective workout even outside of staffed hours. And the more that we can continue expanding on the value we give to our members, we know the more likely we are to retain them and nurture strong advocates of our brand."

By providing multiple points of engagement, Extended Access can significantly increase weekly attendance and encourage upward movement through membership tiers, leading to increased member satisfaction and retention. This makes Extended Access not just an add-on service, but a vital part of the member growth strategy for a gym.

In addition to improved retention, Extended Access also adds a really exciting message to promote into our Franchisees local market, which will provide cut through, grab attention and increase interest.

This then leads to additional ‘Value’ to present in the sales presentation, increasing the likelihood of a potential customer seeing why UBX is the best place for them to get the most from their membership fee, and ultimately get their best results. 

Don't miss your chance to be part of the fitness revolution. 

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